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Need more information?So you make calls straight from your phone?

Save lots of money

You called London straight from your phone. It worked. Everything was great. Then the bill came and it was massive. Or, you heard the stories. The next thing you know, you are on the web looking for a solution.

Keep your old provider, but use ChitChat dial-around and save lots of money!

No long digits. No confusing instructions. It’s easy. No surprise bills.

Online calling cards save money. The problem is, lots of them are complicated. Over the years, customers keep telling us, “make it easier. Less confusion. Less digits. Better website. Safer shopping.” So we did that. And they’re happy.

Get more with ChitChat

Lower rates - We buy minutes in bulk on behalf of all our customers. Thousands of them. We all get a better deal this way. See rates here.

Still convenient - You just have to dial a 1-800 number before your calls. That’s it. Super-easy. You can even do it from your cell phone. We give you a PIN too, so you can call while traveling if you want.

No Fees & Good Prices - All fees, (even taxes) already included. No 15 line items at the end of your bill around here. What you see is what you pay. That’s it. Just the way it should be.